#Wouldntchangeathing – An incredible group of parents have done it again!


The latest video from the organisation Wouldn’t Change a Thing


When a group of mums came together earlier in the year and made a video of themselves and their children with Down syndrome, it quickly flew around the world. It featured them and their children lip syncing in a car and using sign language, and honestly the first time I watched it I cried. It was so emotional and incredibly beautiful.

Well River and I were incredibly lucky because they have done it again, and we were welcomed into the group. Following the success of the last video, these parents came together and formed the charity Wouldn’t Change a Thing and to be a part of that has been amazing. We have had so much fun, but also we’ve been welcomed into a group of parents who are full of determination to make the world a better place for our children. Anyone who follows River on social media knows that is what we are all about!

These are not parents who are telling the world that everything is perfect, and they are not saying that there aren’t struggles along the way. What we are saying is that despite those struggles and despite the hard parts, we would not change our children for the world. And I believe that the whole world needs to see and hear that!

For so long society has been led to believe that Down syndrome is this terrible life ruining condition. That people who have it suffer, and their families live a life of sadness. The negatives have been right there on the front line, filling new parents with fear and influencing any decisions they need to make. And as you’ve heard me say before, when you only hear one side of a story it is not an informed decision. When medical professionals only tell you of the scary medical issues that your child may face, they are taking away your rights of making an informed decision, and instead leading you to make an enforced choice.

Well times are changing. Parents all over the world are coming forward and making themselves heard. They are putting themselves and their children out there, and shouting as loud as they can that their lives are actually pretty fantastic. They are making it clear beyond doubt that their lives are enriched by their children and they genuinely would not change a thing about their lives.

I for one am beyond proud to be part of such a movement and believe that it’s a message that needs to be heard by the world. And, finally it feels like we are being listened to.


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