Meet River

This is River and he was diagnosed with Down syndrome when he was 6 months old. He lives with his Welsh Mama and Tanzanian Baba, and his ‘best of both’ older brother Skyler.


Other than some digestion issues he is totally healthy and we pray it stays that way!! He failed his new born hearing test (we didn’t know he had ds at the time), and it was terrifying thinking he could be deaf. Although being as he can hear a mouse fart in next doors house at nap time, I think we’re ok there.

All In Good Time

River has hypotonia, the same as a high percentage of other people with Down syndrome. This means he has a decreased muscle tone and to put it simply, he’s a bit floppy. It is not severe in River, he lifted his head at days old and rolled on his side at weeks old and I think this went a long way towards medical staff missing his ds. His upper body is actually pretty strong, but his legs are not. Walking will probably be a while away yet as River has very weak ankles. It’s something we work on every day and we are actually waiting on some special shoes to get him going! No rush though, all in good time and he can crawl around like the speed of lightning, and climbing is his special talent! I’ve had many a heart in mouth moment.

My Mini Tornado


This little guy has one wicked personality, his 5 year old chilled out brother did not prepare his Mama for such chaos! The house didn’t even need baby proofing with Skyler, but River is a mini tornado causing destruction wherever he heads.

Mischief doesn’t begin to cover it and he has his family in hysterics many times a day. He is feisty, determined, stubborn, funny, loving, sweet, bright and there is a twinkle in his.



River Loves Life

River loves cars, in fact, pretty much anything on wheels. His fav part of the day is Baba leaving for work and letting River drive the car out of our compound with him. We are never allowed to forget that part or all hell breaks lose, as soon as Baba picks up his shoes the excitement starts.

He also loves swimming, dancing, round and round the garden, blocks, drawing, teletubbies, popcorn, mirrors, the hoover, trampolines, sandpits and lollipops (much to the horror of his Mum!). He loves people, he is such a social guy and most of all he loves his family, who adore him in return.


Now things River doesn’t like. Hmmmm….well top of the list has to be bedtime, he detests that with every bone in his body. Even if he can’t keep his eyes open, as soon as he hits the bed it’s party time! It’s a good job he is cute 🙂. He dislikes banana’s, the blender, his Baba wearing a baseball cap, nappy changes and wearing socks.

He really is just a little boy. A little boy doing what little boys do, just taking a bit longer to get there. But he will get there, and that’s when the real trouble will begin!!!!

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