Why I Blog



To help myself

I first started writing after River was diagnosed. I found it was a great way to get all my feelings out and not let them take over my mind. Things just seem so much clearer for me and manageable when I get them down on paper. Yes, I still use a pen and paper! What can I say, I just love the feeling of good old fashioned writing.

Writing has helped me and my family, happy Mama means happy kids and a happy husband.


To help families like mine

Not long after I started writing I realized that i could use my words to help other families in the same position as me, who had a child with Down syndrome and maybe needed to read some words of encouragement or to just know they’re not alone. There are some wonderful blogs that have helped me, and I would love to do the same for someone else.

To help society and change minds

I also want to help educate society about what Down syndrome really is. not the outdated, old fashioned and false image that has been created. When our children were put into institutions and locked away from the world, when it was assumed that they had nothing to offer the world. Well times have changed, and our children are now proving exactly how worthy of their lives they are.


To help River

And finally, I see this blog as a way to give River a voice. There is nothing more important to me than giving my son a voice, in a world that views him as less. Him and every other person who happens to have Down syndrome need and deserve to be heard.


I just want to give him that.