I am River – Bib Award Nomination

So this is a blatant begging post, completely shameless and total begging. It feels really, really awkward and I hate asking, BUT I am going to!

I’m Going For A Blogging Award!

The Bib Blogging Awards are coming up and I would really, really appreciate it if you would take the time to vote for I am River in the ‘Inspire’ category. I can’t even explain how much it would mean to me. I’ve only been blogging for 7 months and have enjoyed every minute of it, it’s really ignited a huge love of writing and I have hopefully discovered a hidden talent for it.


I started sharing our journey when my youngest Son River was diagnosed with Down syndrome at 6 months old. Our world was flipped around and everything changed, although I can now hand on heart say it was our biggest blessing.

I Want To Share Our Story

The reason for wanted to share our story was to show the world that Down syndrome isn’t as scary as everyone thinks, it honestly just isn’t. Our world didn’t end, we aren’t unhappy, we don’t wish our lives were different and we certainly don’t wish River was any different to how he is.

I wanted to share information, thoughts and a bit of humor with others, who may be facing the same situation, be feeling lost and wanting to hear what life is really like for families of children with special needs. I wanted to share with them something other than the outdated medical info they may have heard from the hospitals, something other than ‘I’m sorry’. And the blog isn’t only for families who have a child with Down syndrome, it’s for anyone who wants to learn and understand. It’s for anyone who wants to see what Down syndrome really means. It’s for anyone who wants to get to know our beautifully amazing River.

Please Nominate Me

So, if you think ‘I am River’ deserves to reach the finals of the Bib awards, please Nominate Us in the Inspire Category (details you need below). I want nothing more than to keep raising awareness, and reaching as many people as possible to show them the truth and do my part in making a better world for people with Down syndrome.

And if I’m completely honest, as much as raising awareness and trying to change the world for my son is my main concern, winning an award would also be really amazing!

Thanks to anyone who follows River, we are so very grateful



Nominate I Am River here: http://www.britmums.com/nominate-for-the-bibs2017/

Blog name – I am River

Blog url – https://iamriver.net/

Twitter – @HayleyBalozi

Email – bluezebraartstudio@outlook.com

Fav Post – Your choice entirely, but here’s some of my favorites – Don’t retaliate, educate. The hardest part is the assumptions. Don’t praise your child for playing with mine. Forget the milestones and enjoy the moments. The things Down syndrome brought to our lives and the things it didn’t




19 thoughts on “I am River – Bib Award Nomination

  1. Beth says:

    This blog is so positive and inspiring. Anyone with any concerns about a future alongside Down Syndrome NEEDS to read this. Beautiful work x


  2. Joanne Trevino says:

    your blog is a true inspiration to all not only the community of down syndrome but to all people I love that I can say we are a part of your community!


  3. Sharon Bunoz says:

    Love reading up on River and his antics, so funny and so cheeky. But also love how Mum, Dad and big brother ,have not let any of this phase them and just get on with family life. Keep up the good work.


    • iamriversmum says:

      Thanks Sharon. I honestly believe the best thing I can do for River is just get on with living our lives, he is no different to his brother Skyler other than he’s taking longer to reach his milestones. Nothing we can’t handle! It’s all about staying positive and realizing whats really important, a happy family x


  4. Hayley - I am River says:

    Oh thanks very much, that’s really sweet. I’m actually pretty new to blogging and am only just started to get involved properly. I’m loving meeting lots of new bloggers :). I’ll be sure to pay it forward xx


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