I am River – Baps Blogging Award 2019

We have a very exciting announcement!!


I am River has made it into not 1, but 2 categories in the Baps Blogging Awards (Bloody Awesome Parents). I’m so chuffed to be in the final 4 for the categories The Truth About Send and Best use of Media, and am honoured to be amongst some really amazing writers.


Thanks so much to everyone who nominated us in the first place and to the judges who thought us a worthy finalist.  The Baps awards are fantastic as they are dedicated to SEND bloggers, so every single person who is included in the line up is doing amazing things for the SEND community. It means so much to be mingling with them all!!

But now the important part starts!! I’m sure you are all aware that I’ve made it to the finals of quite a few blogging awards now, I just never seem to win!!! We really need your vote this year, so please take the time to follow the link and vote for us in our 2 categories. You cannot up to 3 times from each device, so if you like what I do then don’t be shy.


I never started this blog to win awards, I started it to raise positive Down syndrome awareness and to do my part in making the world a more accepting place for my son. He deserves that. I share our lives so people can see our reality of Down syndrome and hopefully open some eyes to what it really means. I hope I show that through ups and downs, Down syndrome really isn’t so scary after all.


It would be really nice to win though!! So if you have enjoyed our blog, learnt anything from it or feel passionate about raising Down syndrome awareness, please go ahead and vote for us. It’ll be so appreciated!!









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