Bibs Inspiration Award 2018 – I am River


I’m sorry!! We are asking for your help ( again 😬) But everyone loves a trier right? I mean quitters never win right? Really trying to convince myself here!!!

So as you know I am River has been a finalist in 3 seperate awards now, but we’ve never made it to the top. Serial runners up we are 🤣🤣🤣

Anyway, the Britmums awards nominations are open again and we would love you to nominate us if you feel us deserving. We were in the final 6 of the Inspire category last year, and we would love to make it in the same category again this year ( VOTE HERE )


No pressure, I know it’s annoying that I’m asking again, but if you enjoy what we do and can spare a few minutes then you’d be a star.

I love our blog, and I hope that along with the comfort it brings me to share our life, that it has gone some way to making other people’s outlook on life a bit more positive. Having a child with Down syndrome can be scary, but I hope I prove that life is far from terrible because of it.


Our details are

Website –

Twitter – @HayleyBalozi

Email –

Favourite post – you can choose you own of course, but my personal fav is-

Thanks!! It really is appreciated ❤❤❤❤❤

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