I am River – UK Blog Award Nomination


Arrgghhh!! I get so so shocked when it happens, but Rivers brilliant supporters have nominated us for a Uk Blog award. It’s unexpected and very exciting, thanks to whoever nominated us!

Now I hate doing this, it makes me cringe and I feel really annoying. I’m sorry if you’re annoyed! However I have to ask, because even though I always wonder how I even managed to make it on the list, I did and I would love to go as far as possible. For that I need your votes! It’s a really easy system, it takes just seconds. We’ve been nominated in 3 categories so take your pick, I guess I fit in best with health and social care? But whatever you think is very much appreciated.

Vote here –



I started this blog to try and raise awareness and show the world that people with Down syndrome are exactly that, they are people and they are worthy of respect. I wanted to show the reality and do my part to try and change some negative perceptions. I want to give people with Down syndrome a voice in a world that sees them as less and give them the opportunity to show the world what they can do. And also show the world that difference doesn’t mean bad, it just means different. And that’s ok!

If you think I’m doing that then I really would appreciate your vote.

Thanks so much!

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